Tuesday, March 31, 2020

5th A & 5th B: 3D flower: lesson 1

Good morning!

I've been checking my email as well as the Google Classroom, but only 7 people have sent me their work.  Remember that you cannot do the STEP 2 if you haven't finish the first step!
I'll repeat the instrucctions:

  1. Using a compass (if you haven't got a compass, use a ColaCao/Nesquik lit or a CD disk), draw 2 circles in 1 paper of around 7 cm of diameter.
  2. REPEAT step 1 five times! We need 10 disks!!
  3. Send me a photo using the Google Classroom.

Later, I'll post a video showing how to do the step number 2!

4th A & 4th B: hand drawing 2

Good morning!

Today you have to finish your drawings!
Look at some of your your classmates works!

Remember, send it to me using the  Google Classroom!
You have until the 3rd of April.

2n A & 2n B & 2n C: Pasta drawing!

Good morning!

Our activity for this week and the next one (setmana del 30 al 3, i del 6 al 8) is to create a PASTA DRAWING!

Look at the examples...


  1. Write your name, surname and class at the top.
  2. Use: pasta or/and rice.
  3. Don't copy the examples
  4. Be creative! It's a free drawing! (dibuix lliure)
  5. You can combine pencil drawing and pasta!
  6. Optionally: color it!
  7. You have 2 lessons (dos dies de d'Arts & Crafts)
  8. You have until the 8th of April
  9. When you finish, take a photo and send it to fcrespi@fassers.org
  10. Have fun!!

See you around!

1st A & 1st B: Draw and color a cow

Good morning 1st A and 1st B!

Today you can copy and color a cow! Pay attention to the steps!

When you finish, take a photo and send it to fcrespi@fassers.org 
Don't forget to write your name, surname and your class!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

5th A & 5th B: 3D flower: lesson 1

Good morning!

We will start a new project: a 3D flower! You will need:

  • 5 sheets of paper. You can reuse an old paper.
  • A compass.
  • Scissors.
  • Patience!
But before we start, I want you all to join the Google Classroom of Arts & Crafts. Use the code for you have in your email.

Now, let's begin with the activity.

1) Use your compass and open it at 7cm.

2) Draw two circles in each paper (10 circles in total).

3) Send me a photo of the paper using Google Classroom.

If you have a problems or questions, you can contact me by email: fcrespi@fassers.org

6th A & 6th B: join the Google Classroom

Good morning!

How are you doing at home? I hope you're fine 😊

Our activity for this week (23rd - 27th of March)  is going to be very easy.

1) Join the Google Classroom of Arts & Crafts. Use the code you have in your email.
2) Take a paper and using a compass, draw a big circle. The circle has to be nearly as big as the paper.

3) Using a camera, take a picture and send it to me using the Google Classroom!

4) That's it! Easy, isn't it? 😉

3rd A & 3rd B: geometrical drawing

Good morning!

Our objective for this week and for the next week is really easy.
You will need: a pencil, a ruler, a paper and coloring pens.
Using geometrical shapes like a square, triangle, circle and pentagon...

you have to draw anything you want using a ruler and then color it. For example: your house, a car, the school... even you can try to draw your family playing basketball!

Look at the video as AN EXAMPLE! DON'T COPY THE VIDEO!

You have 2 weeks to do it, this is, you have until the 3rd of April. When you finish, write your name, surname and class. Then send it to fcrespi@fassers.org

4th A & 4th B: hand drawing

Good morning!

Our task for today and next week (this is, 2 weeks) is easy. You will need: a paper, pencil and felt pens.

1) Take a paper and draw your hand using a pencil.
2) Choose 4 colors. Put them in order. For example: blue, green, red, yellow.
3) In order, draw horizontal straight lines until you reach your hand. Then draw curvy lines.
4) Color it!

Look at the video!

When you finish, try to join the Arts & Crafts Google Classroom, take a photo send it to the Classroom.
If you have a problem or if you need help, you can contact me at fcrespi@fassers.org.
If you cannot send me the photo using Google Classroom, you can write your name, surname, and and send the photo to fcrespi@fassers.org
Remember, you have until the 4th of April to sent it to me!

2nd A & 2nd B & 2nd C: Draw and color a cat

Good morning!

Today we will practice our drawing technique. Look and the steps, and copy the cat. Then color however you want!

When you finish, you can sent it to fcrespi@fassers.org. Remember to write you name, surname and the class!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Rainbow coloring

Hi you all!

Here we have an online free coloring activity: BE CREATIVE! 😉

Monday, March 23, 2020


Welcome to the Arts & Crafts corner

Here you will find different ideas and crafts to do at home.
While we get ready, take a look at OUR GIANT POSTER!